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We offer a free 30 minute consultation to assess your aesthetic needs. This may be either for one-off treatments or for long-term treatment programmes. Book now…


redensity microfiller

Redensity is an exiting new treatment to rejuvenate and improve skin quality using a combination of needling whilst delivering a blend of antioxidants, minerals, 

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hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamin B6. This improves overall skin condition by increasing skin hydration and strength while reducing fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in absolutely glowing skin.
For the best results we recommend three treatments over three months with one to two treatments annually to maintain beautiful strong skin. Areas suitable to treat are face, under eye, upper lip, neck and decollete.
We offer packages of three treatments to encourage optimal results, however single treatments are also available. Prices vary and can be tailored to your budget, and are according to amount of product required. Book now

 Above is a client immediately after treatment. This pitted effect dissipates very quickly. Clients with more mature, thinner skins are more likely to bruise and may need concealer. Below is client before her 1st treatment and before her 3rd showing significant improvement in fine lines and wrinkles in this hard to treat area.


Botox® successfully and safely relaxes frown and forehead lines, and crows feet around the eye to create a naturally youthful looking appearance. Many other areas can also be successfully treated. 

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These areas include underarms for excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis), jaw to improve the pain of bruxism or teeth clenching and neck/jawline to improve contour of this area.
Treatment price varies according to amount of product required.
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mono threads

Tiny threads inserted just under the skin to gently support sagging tissue and promote collagen synthesis, resulting in skin with more tensile strength and less ‘sagginess’.

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Threads to left upper lip only (right side on picture) showing significant improvement when pursing the lips. A quick and cost effective way to improve  structure and appearance of certain areas.
It is recommended that we use a numbing cream for a more comfortable procedure and clients should be aware they may bruise.  
Price varies according to amount of product required. Book now

filler and facial sculpting

Hyaluronic acid gel is gently and safely introduced into the skin to restore lost volume, add structure to facial proportions or simply to create a more glamorous appearance.

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We use the Juvéderm® range from Allergan Inc., the Teosyl® range from Mondeal and Belotero from Merz. Treatment price varies according to amount of product required starting at $350 for 0.5ml. Book now


Pure Aesthetic offers a number of payment options to spread payments out. We accept bank credit cards as well as Q Mastercard and Farmers Finance Card.