Epigenetic Skincare from Innoaesthetics

Epigenetics, whose etymological meaning is ‘above genetics’, is the science that studies the combination of chemical reactions and other processes that modify DNA activity without disrupting its sequence.

Discoveries in the field of Epigenetics are opening new doors in medicine. In the near future, specialists will be able to modulate the level of expression of certain genes which will make possible new and more effective approachs to the treatment and prevention of some illnesses, aesthetic disorders and skin conditions.

Concerning antiageing, thanks to epigenetics we can stimulate the production of collagen or elastin, promote skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) and reinforce the skin hydrolipidic film to effectively prevent and retard skin ageing. Nowadays, the most innovative antiageing products already include some active ingredients with epigenetic properties to boost their effects.


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